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Two different Closet Witch tapes are now available in the shop for a limited time! Get em while you can! New White Batzzz video!

Behold! The debut track and video from the upcoming Closet Witch LP. Pre order the vinyl via Halo of Flies. Cassettes coming in June - go see CW on tour and get one - any leftover copies will be in the shop eventually.

Also coming soon: Closet Witch 'Discography 2014-2018' tape. Featuring everything but the full length + live Yeah Yeah Yeah's cover set. ALSO: White Batzzz debut EP super-limited edition cassette. Stay tuned.

Chicago's Nequient is officially releasing their debut album 'Wolves at the Door' this coming Friday - grab the tape now in the shop! Nasty and chaotic d-beat metal madness at it's best!

So many Closet Witch shows coming up - go to some!

Wisconsin's own: The Central just dropped their 'Sick + Dying' EP! The cassette is available on the shop page while supplies last!

Follow the *link* to read about this slammin' EP and get the low-down on the release show Feb 16th in Madison with Closet Witch.

In other news: the Closet Witch LP artwork is done, the album is mastered and will soon be off to the presses. Cassette version also in the works.

The 'Fight Liar With Fire' compilation is out now: