[sassbologna records]
EST. 2005 IA, USA


sass-o70 TBA
sass-o69 TBA
sass-o68 TBA
sass-o67 jayden montgomery - songs for odd balls (digital)
sass-o66 baby alchemy - "souvenir" (digital)
sass-o65 dryad - "anthology" (tape)
sass-o64 lukey cage - "powers cosmic" (tape & digital)
sass-o63 racetraitor / closet witch / neckbeard deathcamp / haggathorn - split (tape)
sass-o62 real dominic - "demonic" (tape & digital)
sass-o61 white batzzz - s/t ep (tape)
sass-o60 closet witch - "discography 2014-2018" (tape)
sass-o59 nequient - "wolves at the door" (tape & digital)
sass-o58 anti.ii - "after this" (digital)
sass-o57 fight liar with fire - compilation (cd & digital)
sass-o56 closet witch - s/t (LP, tape & digital)
sass-o55 condor & jaybird - "the kingdom" (tape)
sass-o54 condor & jaybird - "the power" (tape)
sass-o53 archeress - "strawberry moons' (tape)
sass-o52 closet witch / euth - split (tape, 7" & digital)
sass-o51 brillo - "stems" (digital)
sass-o50 the central - "sick and dying" (tape & digital)
sass-o49 brillo - "portesphear beets volumes 7 & 8" (digital)
sass-o48 marvin - s/t (digital)
sass-o47 brillo - "seeds" (tape & digital)
sass-o46 baby noir - s/t (tape, cd & digital)
sass-o45 closet witch - "ergot + black salt" (tape)
sass-o44 baby alchemy - s/t (tape & digital)
sass -o43 lame herc + fort prozac - "jon bon springsteen lp" (cd & digital)
sass -o42 baby teeth - "vessels,1966" (digital)
sass -o41 the peaks - "live at the beeth oven" (tape)
sass -o40 loke wilson - s/t (tape)
sass -o39 the peaks - demo (tape & digital)
sass-o38 cory peak - "/ (andor)" (digital)
sass -o37 rhythum - "the lofi tape" (tape)
sass -o36 two headed beast - compilation (digital)
sass -o35 elijah the poet - "pen and gear" (digital)
sass -o34 black-tokyo musik - "strange bologna ep" (digital)
sass -o33 iz real - "nawww-ledge iz freedumb" (tape & digital)
sass -o32 tall t - "...they call him the incredible" (tape)
sass -o31 drew james - "spilt milk ep" (digital)
sass -o30 sassbologna? - compilation (digital)
sass -o29 iv the polymath - "never sleep II" (tape)
sass -o28 drew james - "beattape to end beattapes" (tape)
sass -o27 amable - s/t (tape)
sass -o26 odetta - "cut & paste volume one and two" (tape)
sass -o25 dredi the beat broker - "escape from lofly city" (tape)
sass -o24 mark aubert - "the escape tape" (tape)
sass -o23 s. maharba - s/t (tape)
sass -o22 the peaks - "21-22" (tape)
sass -o21 the littleman complex - discography (tape)
sass -o20 bold little airwave "lo-fi hi-hopes" (tape)
sass -o19 doomed at birth - demo (tape)
sass -o18 mark aubert - "day reset" (tape)
sass -o17 gwiz - "instrumentally ill volume 1 and 2" (tape)
sass -o16 cakewet / yattai - split (tape)
sass -o15 krupskaya / trendy bastard - split (7")
sass -o14 saint surly - "beat tape manifest(o)" (tape)
sass -o13 electronicomp - compilation (tape)
sass -o12 fast comp - compilation (tape)
sass -o11 underground hip hop essentials volume 2 - compilation (tape)
sass -o10 kæp yroc - s/t (tape)
sass -oo9 scratch labz - "the lost tape" (digital)
sass -oo8 krupskaya - "clouds over pripyat" (cd)
sass -oo7 war kriminals - "fully automated" (tape)
sass -oo6 sleigher - "worst songs" (tape)
sass -oo5 gwhiz - s/t (tape)
sass -oo4 underground hip hop essentials volume 1 - compilation (tape)
sass -oo3 killer bear - s/t ep (tape)
sass -oo2 kzch - s/t (tape)
sass -oo1 cranial decay / trendy bastard - split (7")

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