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All tapes are $8.00 USD shipping included. If you are ordering from outside of the USA please email first.
Pay via paypal below OR email corypeak AT gmail DOT com for other options.

Closet Witch 's/t' Tape (SASS-056)
The debut self-titled album from Iowan metallic/grindy/screamy hardcore slashers.
Closet Witch 'Discography 2014-2018' Tape (SASS-060)
All of their releases to date....minus the new self-titled LP.
Featuring a full live Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover set!
Nequient 'Wolves at the Door' Tape (SASS-059)
Blackened, crusty and chaotic d-beat hardcore metal from Chicago. A real ripper.
Cassette version limited to 100.
Photobucket Brillo 'Seeds' Tape (SASS-047)
Instrumental, sample driven hip hop beats.
A hypnotically repetitive and relaxed ep's worth of head-bobbers.
Photobucket Loke Wilson S/T Tape (SASS-040)
Born in Norway, making music since the 70's and currently residing in Turkey.
This is a collection of Loke's fantas(y)tic electronic dream music.