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All tapes are $8.00 USD shipping included. If you are ordering from outside of the USA please email first.
Pay via paypal below OR email corypeak AT gmail DOT com for other options.

Closet Witch - Skull King - T-shirt
Guitarist/design wizard Alex Crist strikes again - CW's first ever 'mass' produced white ink on black shirt design!
As usual, print quality/detail varies from shirt to shirt. Each is one of a kind. Closer look.

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Photobucket CW UNO PATCH $5
Approximately 8x8"
Black ink on white canvas
Photobucket CW MOON PATCH $5
Approximately 5x7"
Black ink on white canvas
Photobucket Brillo 'Seeds' Tape (SASS-047)
Instrumental, sample driven hip hop beats.
A hypnotically repetitive and relaxed ep's worth of head-bobbers.
Photobucket Loke Wilson S/T Tape (SASS-040)
Born in Norway, making music since the 70's and currently residing in Turkey.
This is a collection of Loke's fantas(y)tic electronic dream music.