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New Closet Witch video! Thanks to Eli Broomhal!

Another digital release just dropped! Brillo's follow up to 'Seeds' (copies still available in the shop) appropriately titled; 'Stems'. Cop it now for free at the sass bandcamp. Get your beat fix.

New limited edition Closet Witch T-Shirt available in the shop!

The Closet Witch | Euth split tape is now available in the shop!

New video for CW's 'FUNERAL REGRETS' by Autojektor:

Closet Witch is releasing a split tape with Euth soon! Check out the video for 'CIVIL NECESSITY' by CW and 'BLIND ROTTERS' by Euth below! Another CW music video by Autojektor coming soon!!

Go peep Euth on tour with Iwakura this August:

Baby Alchemy also has a new track/video out and will be playing a couple of shows in the coming months and may even have a new EP out soon. Go 'Like' their facebook page to stay in the loop!


Closet Witch is playing a bunch of shows throughout the summer of 2016. Here is a list of them, more details can be found on their facebook page:

May 22nd in Rock Island with An Atomic Whirl (Japan) + more
May 23rd in Cedar Falls with An Atomic Whirl + more
May 29th in Moline with Sunlight's Bane + more
June 1st in Des Moines with Cloud Rat + more
June 24th in Madison
June 25th in Grand Rapids
June 26 in Peoria for Discontent Fest
June 27 in Iowa City
July 20th in Rock Island
July 31st in Moline for Quad Cities Metal Fest

New music video from Brillo:

Brillo's release entitled 'SEEDS' (previously only available as a download on bandcamp is now out on cassette, limited to 50 copies. Grab it up from the shop page.

New digital release by 'MARVIN' available here! Vulgar and dirty, yet nicely written and well spat rhymes about drugs and sex over some of the best beats you'll have heard this year.

A brief message from the people behind this project:

"MARVIN (otherwise known as "the paranoid android") is no longer with us. He was a first-generation prototype of GPP (an abbreviation for "genuine people personalities" created by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation ). As with most first generation electronic devices, they tend to have a few problems initially. Unfortunately, these initial glitches caused a major shift in behavioral characteristics of MARVIN. The debauchery, although graphic, was a direct result of extreme indulgence; an obvious genuine personality flaw. This recording is found footage of MARVIN depicting moments up to the event of his death, in which a stolen ship dove into a sun. Albeit vivid, this is still somewhat if a souvenir. He has since been replaced and given the same name and the same job, with a redesigned exterior."

**New three song music video from CLOSET WITCH (songs are on the tape!) and new BABY NOIR video for 'Body Tonight'!**

Scope 'em! See you next year.

click here to listen to the long awaited SCRATCH LABZ tape

the CLOSET WITCH tape is out now and available on the shop page! Get it while you can!

SURPRISE RELEASE DAY!! We are pleased to announce the digital release of both BRILLO's new beat tape 'SEEDS' (cassette coming soon) and the BABY NOIR album!! Head over to the bandcamp page to download both of these bad bitches. Also, that new CLOSET WITCH cassette (featuring both the 'black salt' and 'ergot' ep's + tracks from their split with NATIONAL HERO) is on it's way!! Check out the video for Baby Noir's hit single below:


the BABY NOIR tape is out now.. grab a copy via the shop page. this is a collaborative effort by BABY ALCHEMY and CENTAUR NOIR. Split release with DEEP CUTS RECORDS.. check it!!

the Baby Alchemy self titled debut tape is out now.. grab a copy via the shop page. download/stream it from bandcamp..whatev..just check it!!

long update! we've been laying kind of low but as always...still kicking! Fresh new tapes from both Baby Alchemy (retro/futuristic/industrial/electropop from Iowa) and Closet Witch (south east Iowa mathy grind) will be out before summers end! Baby Alchemy will be releasing their 10 song debut album featuring a B-side full of remixes! Closet Witch will be releasing their first 2 EPs, Ergot (currently available!) and Black Salt (not yet released!) together on one cassette for this awesome, limited edition Sassbologna presentation. Meantime..check these vids: