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the Baby Alchemy self titled debut tape is out now.. grab a copy via the shop page. download/stream it from bandcamp..whatev..just check it!!

long update! we've been laying kind of low but as always...still kicking! Fresh new tapes from both Baby Alchemy (retro/futuristic/industrial/electropop from Iowa) and Closet Witch (south east Iowa mathy grind) will be out before summers end! Baby Alchemy will be releasing their 10 song debut album featuring a B-side full of remixes! Closet Witch will be releasing their first 2 EPs, Ergot (currently available!) and Black Salt (not yet released!) together on one cassette for this awesome, limited edition Sassbologna presentation. Meantime..check these vids:

the jon bon springsteen LP by lame herc and fort prozac is out now and available to listen to and purchase on bandcamp, or in the shop. see you in twenty fifteeen.